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A Day in the Life of A Fitter

A woman walks into our store for the first time (this is not the start of a bad joke I promise), she looks around, slightly overwhelmed, and is thinking about the unsuccessful shopping trips she has had in the past and sighs.

And then there is is… A chipper ‘Hi there! Is there anything I can help you find?’

Now in retail there are usually 3 types of customers; those whom are familiar with the products offered and know exactly what they want, those enjoying a nice browse around and those wanting full service.

At Forever Yours Lingerie we specialise in the latter. We pride ourselves in providing a full, completely personalised service. We (as corny as that sounds) truly believe on going the ‘extra mile’ for our customers and always want to make sure they leave happy. This can mean anything from a quick recommendation for last minute wardrobe malfunctions to an hour long bra fitting. Whatever you need! We’ve got you covered!

Forever Yours Lingerie

After some quick questions we find out that this is the customer’s first time in our store. She hasn’t had much luck finding her size in chain stores and is feeling a bit defeated. My co-worker reassures her and brings her to our comfortable fitting rooms where she is met by her fitter, me (hi!). We introduce ourselves and I asks her some questions to find out what style of bra she likes (color, shape, fabric etc). I then turn to my trusty pink measuring tape and observing eyes to determine the size of her bust. She measures at a 36H and I explain that I’ll be back shortly with a bra for her to try on for size. Now I (personally) don’t reveal my clients bust size to them right off the bat (unless they ask), I have my reasons for this.

fitting room

I for one prefer to let the fit of the new bra do the talking first once it’s on. There are very few people in this world who get as stoked about a great fitting bra or piece of lingerie the way us fitters do, this is FACT. (It literally makes my heart sing!) On a more serious second note I also feel like many women have been made to believe that their self-worth is measured by their size or weight. (Which is NEVER the case because there is no right or wrong way to have a body and they are all glorious in their own unique way) I would hate to go on my bra hunting mission whilst my client is in that fitting room concerned or in shock about her size. Because trust me, finding out your actual bra size can be really surprising and I’ve witnessed many ‘Whoa’ reactions (both good and bad) in our rooms.

bra room

My customer tries on the first bra and after a couple of small strap adjustments and fit inspections I proudly nod and am satisfied with the fit. Band snug yet comfortable on the loosest hook? Check! Center gore lying flat? Check! No bulging, spilling or gaping? Check! Customer feeling good? Check!

I hop out of the room and return swiftly with a variety of bras for her to try on and choose from. She expresses her delight followed by her previous struggles trying to find bra’s that fit. This is a story all too familiar.

I think it’s safe to say a good 80% of our new customers come in wearing the wrong size bra. (Statistics actually show that between 60 to 80% of women in general wear the wrong size) My customer came in wearing a 42DD while her measured size was a 36H.

The thing is that we are all different and building trust with my clients is key. Because not everyone is as comfortable standing there in their bra in front of a stranger and having them professionally ‘assess’ your breast size. In my line of work I have helped women from all walks of life. Of all shapes, sizes, ages, physical abilities and gender identities. Not one has ever been more beautiful than the other. We share laughs in these rooms and we sometimes share tears. (Though admittedly the tears often come from trying to hang thongs or bathing suit bottoms on tiny plastic hangers).

At the end of the day when I see a smile on that customers face, a little more ‘pep’ in their step as they exit the fitting room and their head (and breasts!) a bit higher I smile to myself and think….

Man I love this job…

the girls

Forever Yours, Shanah

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