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I used to have a condition called ‘Armatitis’…I am now officially cured! What is armatitis you ask? It’s an affliction that a lot of women have whether they are big or small. It is a ridiculous, and often unfounded distain for your upper arms. I used to live in cardigans and sleeves regardless of how hot it was outside, because I didn’t want anyone to see my fat, ugly, hangy arms (these were all my own descriptors, no one else’s…)


Since I can remember I have always had bigger arms… Like could plow a field & bale hay kind of arms; Useless in the city, but farm kind of arms! I have gained and lost a significant amount of weight (60-90 pounds) multiple times in my life and with each time, my arms got bigger & saggier. I even went to see a plastic surgeon at one point during my lowest weights to see about having the excess skin removed. I was very close to booking the appointment, but in the following months, I ended up pregnant with my second child (my daughter Lucy) and more important things took center stage.


How did I rid myself of this ‘Armatitis’?


Well, I have always loved  tattoos and always had the idea that I would love to get my sweet whippet (she passed away many years ago) who was my darling baby, immortalized with a tattoo when I found the right artist. Well recently, I found the perfect artist named Katie at Rain City Tattooing in Vancouver. I decided I was gonna go big or go home, so I opted for a BIG piece on my upper arm. I wanted it somewhere that I could see it and enjoy it every day, so it seemed like the perfect choice. After 3 long, and sometimes painful sessions it is done and I love it! And in the process of the 3 months of having it completed, something happened… My Armatitis disappeared!




I no longer constantly wear sleeves, or cardigans when it is sweltering out, or hide behind someone else in photos so that my arms are hidden. I proudly wear sleeveless (and actually seek sleeveless things out), and when a camera comes out, I proudly turn to my left and show off my gorgeous art! I am proud rather than mortified when people look at my arms, or when strangers come up to me and look at my arm & want to talk about my tattoo.  My dad is pretty old school (he’s 77) and is not a fan of tattoos, especially on women, even though he has one (which he always tells me since he got it in the Navy it doesn’t really count!:) When I first showed it to him, his first reaction was “Why did you get it so big?” and I replied not at all apologetically, but rather matter of factly ‘because my arm is big, so it seemed like a good fit’


Sometimes the thing that you hate most about your body can turn into something that you love. It just takes a change of perspective!


Who knew that a big, expensive, painful piece of gorgeous body art could cure my lifelong condition?




Sonya Sig




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