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20 years of FYL

[ssba_hide]20 Years….How did that happen so quickly? Especially considering I’m still only 29! 😉 20 years for me equals 3 expansions, 2 kids, a husband/business partner that I haven’t killed (yet;), over 20 staff, a website division, in-house photo studio, more changes than I can count (the internet wasn’t even around when I started FYL… […]

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My first mammogram!

[ssba_hide]Well, It’s a rite of passage of sorts…My first mammogram! I just turned 41 in January, and I figured it was time to get one…

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Through their eyes…

[ssba_hide]I hate my thighs, I hate my tummy, I hate my butt,  I hate my…. For so many of us the list can go on and on and on. We so often spend so much time thinking, stressing and obsessing about what we don’t like about ourselves that we sometimes have a hard time seeing […]

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How to ACE your Casting Call

[ssba_hide]The word is out, the message has been spread…And it’s almost time! The Forever Yours casting call for our big annual Fashion Show is this Thursday! (January 21st, 2016) Wanna leave a memorable impression with us? (and perhaps get chosen to be our newest runway model!) Keep on reading and find out how to razzle […]

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[ssba_hide]I used to have a condition called ‘Armatitis’…I am now officially cured! What is armatitis you ask? It’s an affliction that a lot of women have whether they are big or small. It is a ridiculous, and often unfounded distain for your upper arms. I used to live in cardigans and sleeves regardless of how […]

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Beige or Bright?

[ssba_hide]When did so many of us we stop wearing things that make us happy? Never really a question that I thought about until the other week…  

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Want to be a Runway Model? Open Casting Call!

[ssba_hide]Christmas is over, the decorations are packed up for another year and we (at least me anyway) can start looking forward to the longer days of Spring! What makes me so excited about spring, other than the flowers blooming, the warm breezes, the shedding of all those winter layers (isn’t that enough?) is the huge Fashion […]

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Getting to Know Your Bra

[ssba_hide]Some of the most common misconceptions and questions we get in our store is the purpose of what each part of the bra is supposed to do. We love educating our customers on what each part of the bra does, how it works and why it’s there. Every part of the bra is there for […]

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Where is the Plus Size Section?

[ssba_hide]We often have new customers that come into the store already knowing that we carry all sizes (what the industry would label as straight sizes and plus sizes) and will ask…’Where is your plus size section?’ ‘Everywhere’ is always my response. Here’s why…

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Not Your Grandmother’s Bra Store

[ssba_hide]Picture this: A frustrated woman is shopping at a trendy lingerie store in her local mall. She is surrounded by a pile of 20 or so bras that looked cute on the hanger, but WILL NOT support her beautiful bust. The ill-fitting contraptions she’s trying are pinching, puckering and poking her in all the wrong […]

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