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Let’s talk Booby Tape!

[ssba_hide]So today a coworker and I decided to test out the new BoobyTape we recently got in store, and let me tell you, I am SHOOK. As an H cup, I have always avoided buying any clothing that is backless, strapless, plunging or daring in pretty much anyway. Strapless bras always bugged me after a […]

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U.S. vs U.K. Sizing – What’s the diff?

[ssba_hide]Many women come to forever yours lingerie to find their true bra size. Usually upon their first time visiting us, we ask what size they are currently wearing. Once they tell us, we ask, “Is that in U.S. sizing?” The response is usually a very confused look! Of course it is! Why the heck would […]

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Fitting with Freddy – The World famous Fit Specialist

[ssba_hide]It was an honour. We had the pleasure of hosting a two day event with Eveden. Founded in 2001, Eveden provides some of the largest names in the bra industry including Elomi, Goddess, Freya and Fantasie. Striving for substantial quality and femininity, these brands are well known and sought after in the world of bra […]

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How to ACE your Casting Call

[ssba_hide]The word is out, the message has been spread…And it’s almost time! The Forever Yours casting call for fresh faces is Thursday, September 27! We’re on the hunt for some fresh faces in photo shoots and runway shows! Wanna leave a memorable impression with us? (and perhaps get chosen to be our newest model!) Keep […]

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