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Did you know it is estimated that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Follow these two easy steps to measure yourself correctly! Once you submit your measurements, you will be given your bra size, as well as a handful of gorgeous styles that are available in this size. For detailed information about bra fitting and bra sizes, see our Bra Fitting 101 page!

Please note that our Bra Calculator provides an approximate, estimated bra size. While this method of sizing is usually accurate, the measuring tape doesn’t always tell the truth. Bra size and the bra fitting process often requires professional judgement. Also, keep in mind that not every bra will fit the same, so you may be different sizes in different brands, styles, or even colours. Be sure to check out the “Fit Tips” tab on product pages to see specific information regarding size and fit for particular products.

Most of the bras we carry are listed in UK sizing. Some brands still follow US sizing like Goddess, Paramour, Wacoal, Piege, Curvy Couture, and Affinitas and will be noted in the “Fit Tips” tab on each page.

If you need more help finding your bra size, feel free to Contact Us or use the Live Chat feature in the bottom right corner of your browser.

Need a bit more help? Check out our Bra Fitting 101 page for more information about finding your perfect fit.

Measure for Band Size

Keeping the measuring tape level with the floor, measure around your body and underneath your bust where the base of your breasts meet your body.

Make sure you are not holding your breath while you are taking the measurement. Type the number (in inches) from the measuring tape into the box below.

Measure for Cup Size

Keeping the measuring tape parallel with the floor, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Relax your arms at your side and make sure you are not holding your breath.

While taking the measurement, wear a bra with minimal padding for the most accurate results. Type the number (in inches) from the measuring tape into the box below, then click "Submit"