Bra School

In addition to promoting comfort, quality, and the best fit, Forever Yours Lingerie believes that we have a responsibility to the women we serve to provide a complete bra education. This includes everything from how to care for these delicate pieces in your wardrobe, to how to determine your bra size and wear a bra correctly (you wouldn’t believe how many of our clients are surprised to learn that they have been wearing their bras incorrectly for 30 years—or longer!). It’s all part of our commitment to ensure you are receiving the tools and information you need to feel comfortable AND beautiful, while making the most of your assets.

Study our Bra School to learn about size, fit, style, and care and you’ll get the knowledge of how to put it all together to get the most out of your lingerie experience!



Want to learn the science of bra fitting? This page will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about measuring yourself for a braand more!                   


Plug your measurements into our bra calculator and it will calculate your size for you (and recommend some gorgeous bra styles in your size!)


Do the bra terms “plunge, balconette, and convertible” sound like a foreign language to you? Check out this visual guide of different bra styles and shop our most popular bras in each category!


Are you breasts full, pendulous, or swooping? No idea? This page is a must-read! See illustrations and recommended bra styles for your type, here!


Ever wondered why your bra straps keep slipping off your shoulder or why your band keeps riding up? We have the answers! 


A majority of our bras are handcrafted pieces of art. Treat them the best when washing and they’ll last you longer!


Even though you’re well on your way to being a bra expert now, you may still have a few questions for our team. Check out our FAQ’s to get quick answers to some common bra questions.