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Buying Season Bliss

“It must be so much fun owning your own business!”


If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that!  Owning FYL is a lot of paper work, staffing, training, scheduling, dealing with issues that arise – none of that sounds particularly fun, but then there is getting to work with amazing ladies, fabulous customers and the buying, oh, the buying!


That is an extremely fun part of my job! Getting to go to buying shows and booking all the latest looks for the upcoming seasons! So how does it happen? How do we decide on what we are going to bring into the store?


There are so many booths, so many brands and so many choices that it can be quite overwhelming.The first place I start is narrowing down what we are looking for; do we need more basics, or fashion colors, what are the specific size ranges?

Buying Trip

We are always looking for brands and styles with a wide range of sizes, as well as looking for different brands at various price points. Not everyone wants to buy a $50 bra and not everyone wants to buy a $200 bra. Therefore we try to bring in a variety of price points to suit our customers’ needs.


So how do these shows work, you ask? You make an appointment with a brand that you are interested in, then when you are at their booth they have models that will try on samples so that you can see the fit. It is really helpful to be able to see the style on a body rather than just in a catalog. It really allows you to appreciate the lace, fabric, quality workmanship and sizing. From there it is the decision of choosing what you want to book based on what we need or what customers are requesting.

Buying Trip

One of the best parts of going to a buying show is to find new and different products to bring into the store! This time it’s the Girly Go Garters that we were excited to find and bring in for our customers. The Girly Go Garter is the smart, sexy garter with pockets that safely holds your phone, cash, credit card, ID, lip gloss, and more!

Buying Trip

The other great find from this show is our new sunhat line that is coming in just in time for cruise season. They are all handmade from start to finish and are made by artisan women in their homes in Madagascar. They are perfect for vacations, as they are packable and uncrushable.

Buying Trip

No matter how much paperwork I have to do, buying trips and buying season will always make it worth it. And I’m able to honestly answer when someone asks “It must be so much fun owning your own business?”

Yes, it is! It’s amazing.

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