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Tricks of the Trade: Ace Your Casting Call

So, who wants to strip down to their underwear in front of a bunch of people they’ve never met? Sounds scary but also kinda adventurous, right? If you are coming to our open casting call this January 21st, that’s just what we are asking you to do!

Will you be nervous? Uhhhh, ya! Who wouldn’t be? Unless you are a professional model who is used to stripping it all off at photo shoots and fashion shows this is probably all new to you.

This leads me to the questions we are commonly asked “Will the casting be held in private?” or “How many people will I have to be in front of for the casting?”

The fashion show in May is being held in front of 400+ people. You’re going to have to be comfortable getting down to your skivvies in front of a few hundred enthusiastic audience members. Not to mention running back to get virtually naked in the dressing room and frantically changing into the next outfit with a dresser helping you – who may be someone you just met that day! Unless you can wrangle a friend into volunteering to be your dresser. Nonetheless, you’re going to be bare at some point during this event.

A runway show is not like a photo shoot where there are just a few people in the room, we need to see your confidence and personality rocking the runway in front of an audience. Who knows, you may just love it!


So how do you conquer your stage fright before the casting if you have never done this before?

What we suggest is entering with a friend so you have someone there cheering you on! Also – practice, practice and practice some more before the casting. Get a group of friends together and rock the runway for them in your undies. Take some photos and video to study your moves and angles. What looks good in the mirror might not look the same on film. If it helps at all, as the old adage goes: picture us all in our underwear when you are at the casting (which we won’t be, but it seems to fit the theme).

A few tips for the casting:

– Make sure you pre-register online, it will make the process go a lot faster for you and everyone else.

– Because this is an open casting call, it may be busy, bring a snack, some water and some reading material (or you can just stare endlessly at your phone, this is 2015 after all) or you can shop while you are here , since the casting will be held at the store afterhours, we will have our staff on to help you shop while you wait!

– If it makes you more comfortable, bring a friend with you for support. But please limit it to one person, as we only have so much space.

– Women will be required to walk wearing a 2 piece bikini or bra and panty, men need to be in boxer briefs (there will be a place for you to change).

– Women, bring a pair of heels (not wedges) that you can walk in (at the fashion show you will be required to wear heels). Men will be walking barefoot (I know, totally unfair!)

– The casting runs from 6 – 9pm, but we will be accepting the last applicant at 8:30pm to that we are able to get through everyone by 9pm.

– You will be photographed and videotaped that night (you will be required to sign a release form giving us the right to use those pics and video regardless of whether or not you are chosen) If you think that having photos or video of you in lingerie possibly floating around in cyberspace will in any way hinder your career or relationships (now or in the future), please think carefully about entering.

– Take a deep breath, be yourself and have fun! When you are enjoying yourself it shines through! Your body is to be celebrated, not scrutinized. We applaud everyone who comes out whether they make the cut or not.



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