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Luxury, Fashion and Function – What’s Not To Love About Empreinte?

I know that for the majority of us, putting a lot of thought into what we wear under our clothes is usually the last thing on our minds. But after a long day at the office or chasing after the kids, what is the first thing to wiggle out of place, start to chafe or ride it’s way up your backside? Right – those sneaky, ill-fitting undergarments.

Likewise, how many of us are willing to make an investment into our lingerie wardrobes on an annual basis? We don’t always think about the quality, comfort and fit of our bras and panties when crossing them off our shopping list. We find something that looks like it will do the job and we’re onto the next task.

But what if we took a few extra minutes and truly made an vested interest in our selves and what we put on our bodies; to truly honour our figures, our daily comfort and our closets – all with one bra? I assure you that the pay off is well worth it.

And since 1946, Empreinte has been here to help us reach our luxurious bras goals and to set us on the path towards our best breast life.

Empreinte is a luxury lingerie brand from France with a focus on building a better and more glamourous bra experience for every woman. Lingerie from Empreinte is built with wearability, comfort and luxury in mind; their bras are created unlike any others in the world. Every Empreinte bra is made with the full busted woman in mind.

  1. Their gorgeous cups are always made from tulle, lace or microfibre to provide a sturdy, reliable and durable fit. There is no elastane fibres in their cups, like many other brands. Overtime, the cups will not lose their shape and will hold you securely all day long.
  2. The back bands have been researched and designed so that they will always return to their original shape. Again, these are not features like many other brands that will stretch and loose their fit over time.
  3. Empreinte bras have a “chimney” back: a special construction that centers and balances the weight of the breasts, creating a balance between the middle of the back. Comfort and long wear are always the main goals. The straps are designed to ensure that they will not slip off your shoulders as the day wears on.
  4. Empreinte’s bra straps have a low degree of elasticity, only stretching 30% unlike the industry standard,  50% stretch.  Empreinte’s specific elasticity guarantees a longer life for the bra. And less stretch means a higher and firmer looking breast.
  5. Empreinte uses a full, closed underwire in the underside of each bra. A closed underwire is extremely slimming and slenderizing. Their underwires are thicker and more sturdy than standard bras, ensuring they lie flat on the body and do not twist.

With hand made detailing and architecturally inspired shapes and designs, there is a lot of extra love that goes into the creation of each Empreinte style. And yes, the price of each piece reflects all of these amazing benefits.

These luxurious items are absolutely investment pieces for your wardrobe. But with gentle care, each Empreinte piece will more than pay for itself time and time again.

I was skeptical of the price differences when I first encountered Empreinte in comparison to other high end brands. As a large busted woman, would the expenditure be worthwhile? But after I slipped the proper fitting and exactingly placed Cassiopee onto my frame and saw my new figure under my clothes, I was sold. I have never experienced such a life changing piece of clothing. The rounded shape, close fitting underwire and gorgeous lace have made this one of my most favourite articles of clothing and I still revel with delight every time I put it on. Paired with the matching shorts, this is easily one of my husband’s most favourite looks as well.

Every season there is a new collection of colours and breath-taking styles from Empreinte. The hand stitched lace embroidery, elegant charm or bow details and deliciously designed matching panties make these collections a must see ever year. I always look forward to trying the new collections on and dreaming about what to treat myself to for the coming year.

Be sure to consider the revolutionary power of a luxurious and uplifting bra such as the many beautiful offerings from Empreinte the next time you stop by Forever Yours Lingerie for your next fitting.

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The Beauty of Bralettes

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing quite like coming home from a long, hard day and being able to immediately get cozy. Now ladies, what is the number one action that instantly leads to relief and comfort? Reaching our hands up the back of our shirts and letting that clasp go… free the girls! Now while your bras should never, ever be that uncomfortable or have the ability to hurt you, there is something to be said for allowing your skin and shoulders a little freedom from the hours making your breast look fantastic in that properly fitting bra.

But what about those days off made for cute sundresses, lazy afternoons with friends or relaxing weekends spent shuffling around the house? Do we really want to bustle up and clasp our beloved boobies into our everyday brassieres? Not always.

Enter the bralette!

Sweet, simple, less confining, more comfort.

In recent years, the bralette has made a huge burst onto the fashion scene. From perfectly plain non-underwire pairings made to be worn in bed to lavish lace numbers that are meant to be seen and swooned over, the bralette is a must have comfort staple in any woman’s lingerie wardrobe.

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking… “Hold on a minute lady. There’s no way that a bralette is going to support, let alone cover, my gorgeous double G’s”. And you may have a point. But not all bralettes are made to only be enjoyed by our lovely sisters from the itty bitty tittie club. I hear your concern because when scrolling through my Instagram feed or browsing fabulous fashion pins on Pinterest, I have the same misgivings. All we tend to see are bralettes that highlight fashion over function and that certainly will not work for everyone.

But I am here to alleviate your fears my busty and voluptuous friends. Sure there are many flirty and flimsy bralettes to choose from, but I assure you, not all bralettes are created with only the small chested in mind. More and more well known, and well trusted, lingerie brands around the world are entering the bralette ring with their own cute and comfortable non-underwire bralette offerings. With large lace coverings to quarter wire side support, there are ways to get that lovely lingerie look without having to sacrifice all hope that your girls will still be able to swing free.

To be completely honest, most bralettes will not provide the same support that you’ve come to expect from your tried and true over the should bolder holders, but some of them will come close and still allow you that coveted comfort that those footloose and fancy free Instagram famous girls have found.

Here are a few of our favourite brands:

Freya Fanices

With new colours available each season, the Fancies bralettes from Freya Lingerie have become instant fan favourites. Hints of lace and plenty of support for even our largest chested staff, these flirty Fancies are a staple in our store.

Cosabella Sweetie Soft Bralette

Made with fine Italian lace, the Sweetie Soft Bralettes from Cosabella come in a plethora of pretty colours and are perfect for under any brunch worthy outfit.

Leto Bralettes

Leto and their bralettes have been an exciting discovery with many styles made to fit up to a 3X. Fill your boots with any trend you desire: strappy, cut-outs, floral. The Leto range has it all and they deliver in comfort and fashion.

Blush Reverie Bralette

Blush Lingerie has perfectly married the longline bra look with the simplicity of a bralette. The Reverie design features triangle cups and small quarter wires for gentle side support. While these are still not bra cup sized, they do provide some of the look and feel of a traditional underwire bra.

There is a whole wonderful world of cute, comfortable and accommodating bralettes available to all the boobs, both big and small. Try a few and find your favourite. You’ll be living your best bralette life in no time!

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How to Choose The Right Bra

*As featured in FabUplus Magazine, Spring 2017

By Sonya Perkins

We’ve all been there; your bra is gasping its last breath and you need to go bra shopping. This task is rarely at the top of anyone’s to do list, but it need to happen on occasion. Shopping for a new bra doesn’t have to be such a daunting task if you go into it with a few key things in mind.


While you may have been loyal to your trusty black, moulded, plunge bra for the past five years, there is an entire world of styles, colours and proper sizes waiting to make your girls look their very best. You may have preferred a certain style because that’s just what you’ve always worn, but just because it’s what you’ve always bought that doesn’t mean that it’s the best style for you now. Be willing to try styles and colours outside of your bra comfort zone and be open to options; you may just fall in love.


Any good lingerie store will have highly qualified and considerate fitters to help you find your perfect bra. While you should always purchase a bra that makes you feel confident and comfortable, trust that your fitter is there to help you find the right style, shape and size to make you look and feel fabulous. She might be encouraging you towards something you never thought of wearing and that’s okay! If you are not comfortable with your fitter, ask to work with someone else (we won’t get offended, we promise! You NEED to be comfortable with the person that you’re working with).


Not every bra will work for every situation. You wouldn’t wear a sports bra with your cocktail dress just as you wouldn’t wear your strapless bra to the gym. You need a few solid options at your everyday disposal.

Expand your horizons and treats your ‘girls’ to what they, and you, deserve; a proper fit that leaves you feeling fantastic.

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Panache Sports Bras and Living Your Dreams

Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Rugby, Soccer, Beach Volleyball… Rio 2016 was on a constant feed at our home over the summer and I was a little bit sad to see it come to a close. I was unsure of how I would feel watching the Olympics this summer after much of the controversy surrounding Brazil’s preparation (or lack there of) for this event that would host thousands. But controversy and politics aside, I’m glad that we took time out of our day to watch so many amazing athletes do what they have trained for years to do: compete.

The memories that I will take away from having watched these Olympic games are two fold, but both lead to the same place for me.

Number One: Heck yes WOMEN!!! Canadian female athletes came out in full force for these games and have racked up more Summer Olympic medals than I can ever remember witnessing. This is a true sign of the shift that is being made in the athletics in Canada. The support that athletes need at this level to train to compete at an international level is finally showing up and this is the result. Canadian athletes, both women and men, are taking up space on the podium because their talent and hard work has been honoured at home. But to see so many Canadian women taking their place in the history books is truly inspiring. Which leads me to…

Number Two: My daughter was enthralled with the Olympics. While I find them entertaining and it is fun to watch Canadians compete, my seven year old is completely obsessed with each and every sport featured, regardless of which countries make the finals. With every sport we watched, her little mind raced and she would ask a million and six questions. “Could I run that fast Mommy?”, “Why do they need to wear goggles if they are good swimmers?”, “Can you win a medal for trampoline?!?!”. Her curiosity was infectious and it made me think: “Who are the Olympians of her generation?” Now I am by no means a competitive person, nor would I wish that level of pressure upon my children; but if the passion and the skill is there how can you not explore their interests. For now, ballet and piano are her passions. But if she wanted to pursue athletics in a team sport or other individual discipline, I feel compelled to at least let her try. I owe it to her to support her dreams because who knows where they will take her. I’m all for education first and not overloading tiny bodies with too many activities, but I love her enthusiasm for sports and competition.

So what does this have to do with bras? Well, from the on set of puberty until about 2 years ago, I honestly felt as though I was not “built” to be athletic or to compete in any type of vigorous sports. Being large chested meant I was discouraged from and by running, jumping, bouncing and many of the other movements that go hand in hand with being regularly active. Sure, I would try my hand at elliptical machines or stationary bikes, but even those made the girls bounce. And my heart just wasn’t in it. But I knew that there had to be a solution out there… and there was!!

Panache Sports Bras

Good freaking sports bras!! Who knew? Well, the lovely ladies here at Forever Yours Lingerie did, but I was still in the dark until I made an exasperated visit. Enter the geniuses at Panache Sport.

I no longer have an excuse to not go after the active lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. With my breasts securely supported and locked (comfortably) down, I run, I lift weights, I kick box, I yoga. All the things I had steered away from because of my chest size.

Panache Sports Bras

I desire to be a role model for both of my girls. I want them to know that women can do all the things that are out there for them to do. Being a woman is awesome! Being a woman who is supported by her family, community and country to do her best is amazing! There is no reason that our bodies should hold us back from being able to accomplish any dream our hearts may hold and I’m so glad that proper fitting sports bras are helping me to attain some of mine.

Panache Sports Bras

Panache Sports Bras


I love that Panache is featuring talented and accomplished female athletes in their advertising. For the Panache Sports bra in Odyssey they have chosen Nicola Adams are their model. Nicola Adams is a British boxer. The first woman to win an Olympic boxing title, she is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medalist in the women’s flyweight division. As of 27 May 2016 she is the reigning Olympic, World, Commonwealth Games and European Games champion at flyweight. That is literally badass.

Panache Sports Bras

Don’t let your boobs keep you from achieving your goals!! Get out there and get your sweat on. Heck, I’ll come join you. We got this!

Erin Boxing

Much Love,


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Buying Season Bliss

“It must be so much fun owning your own business!”


If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that!  Owning FYL is a lot of paper work, staffing, training, scheduling, dealing with issues that arise – none of that sounds particularly fun, but then there is getting to work with amazing ladies, fabulous customers and the buying, oh, the buying!


That is an extremely fun part of my job! Getting to go to buying shows and booking all the latest looks for the upcoming seasons! So how does it happen? How do we decide on what we are going to bring into the store?


There are so many booths, so many brands and so many choices that it can be quite overwhelming.The first place I start is narrowing down what we are looking for; do we need more basics, or fashion colors, what are the specific size ranges?

Buying Trip

We are always looking for brands and styles with a wide range of sizes, as well as looking for different brands at various price points. Not everyone wants to buy a $50 bra and not everyone wants to buy a $200 bra. Therefore we try to bring in a variety of price points to suit our customers’ needs.


So how do these shows work, you ask? You make an appointment with a brand that you are interested in, then when you are at their booth they have models that will try on samples so that you can see the fit. It is really helpful to be able to see the style on a body rather than just in a catalog. It really allows you to appreciate the lace, fabric, quality workmanship and sizing. From there it is the decision of choosing what you want to book based on what we need or what customers are requesting.

Buying Trip

One of the best parts of going to a buying show is to find new and different products to bring into the store! This time it’s the Girly Go Garters that we were excited to find and bring in for our customers. The Girly Go Garter is the smart, sexy garter with pockets that safely holds your phone, cash, credit card, ID, lip gloss, and more!

Buying Trip

The other great find from this show is our new sunhat line that is coming in just in time for cruise season. They are all handmade from start to finish and are made by artisan women in their homes in Madagascar. They are perfect for vacations, as they are packable and uncrushable.

Buying Trip

No matter how much paperwork I have to do, buying trips and buying season will always make it worth it. And I’m able to honestly answer when someone asks “It must be so much fun owning your own business?”

Yes, it is! It’s amazing.

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A Day in the Life of A Fitter

A woman walks into our store for the first time (this is not the start of a bad joke I promise), she looks around, slightly overwhelmed, and is thinking about the unsuccessful shopping trips she has had in the past and sighs.

And then there is is… A chipper ‘Hi there! Is there anything I can help you find?’

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And This Little Lady Went to Market…

Choices, choices, choices. With so many different brands, styles, prints and colours, picking what get’s to go in our store can be quite the decision (a fun one though)!

In this blog post, I’ll chat a bit about the “behind the scenes” action that goes on here at Forever Yours Lingerie and how we find the wonderful items you see in our store.

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How to Shop for A Nursing Bra

So you’ve bought the crib, decorated the nursery, folded all the onesies and are now just waiting for baby to arrive. Or maybe baby is already here! Either way, we want to make sure you’re in a nursing bra that A) fits, B) you’re comfortable in, and C) will last you through your nursing journey. In this post we’re going over the 411 on when and how how to shop for a nursing bra and some frequently asked questions.

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Getting to Know Your Bra

Some of the most common misconceptions and questions we get in our store is the purpose of what each part of the bra is supposed to do. We love educating our customers on what each part of the bra does, how it works and why it’s there. Every part of the bra is there for a reason and contributes to it’s overall fit. An underwire isn’t in the bra to make your life miserable; if you tighten your straps more, you won’t get better cleavage. Let’s discover the true function of some of the bra’s most basic parts, it might help you discover a more comfortable and enjoyable way to wear your bra!

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Not Your Grandmother’s Bra Store

Picture this: A frustrated woman is shopping at a trendy lingerie store in her local mall. She is surrounded by a pile of 20 or so bras that looked cute on the hanger, but WILL NOT support her beautiful bust. The ill-fitting contraptions she’s trying are pinching, puckering and poking her in all the wrong ways. She sighs.  She knows there are places that might cater to her needs but cannot fathom the fact that she – a modern, fashionable woman – should have to settle for her grandmother’s full support bra. Sound familiar?

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