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“O” My – The Many Benefits of Regular Orgasms

“Happiness is like an orgasm; it’s better if you don’t fake it”.

Orgasm Day

You may need a cold shower after this read, and we’re not just talking about this ridiculous heat wave…

Partnered, alone, “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” or a long, satisfying romp in the sheets – nothing beats a toe-curling orgasm. This amazing gift from our bodies is something to celebrate and we’ll take any chance to do so!

July 31st is National Orgasm Day… and it’s all coming together.

Orgasm Day

And besides being a pleasurable momentary high, there are a few of the mind-blowing health benefits of having regular orgasms.

  1. You Will Sleep Better – Stress, anxiety, insomnia keeping you up at night? Rub one out and release your way to a good night’s sleep.
  2. They Offer Pain Relieving Benefits – Oxytocin is also released when you climax and this hormone is fantastic at helping your body combat pain.
  3. Improvement in Concentration and Memory – Orgasms are great for brain health! Need to study for a test? Make sure to schedule in some loving first.
  4. Improved Cardiovascular Health and Longer Lifespans – Besides burning some calories, all that heart pumping is good for the overall life of your heart. That’s right, the more you’re getting it, or treating yourself right, the longer your heart will take care of you.
  5. They Lead to The Fountain of Youth – Studies have shown that people who regularly masturbate or have fulfilling sex actually appear younger.
  6. Really Great for Your Reproductive Organ Health – The more frequently you’re taking your feel-good parts for a spin, the better off those parts and all their buddies will hopefully be. I’m looking at you, ovaries and prostates.
  7. Happiness – Orgasms don’t only release oxytocin, they also give your brain a welcome punch of serotonin; that’s the rainbows and sparkles of brain chemicals and we can all use some more of that stuff.

Orgasm Day

And those are just the main, well-known and proven perks. Imagine all the other amazing things that orgasms are adding to your life. So friend – get you some! Orgasms for all. And we’ve got all the goods you need.

Let us help you get off. However it works for you, we have a few favourites for you to consider adding to your next under-the-covers adventure.


Orgasm Day


Orgasm Day

Earthly Body Massage Lotion

Orgasm Day

Bijoux Indiscrets Feather Handcuffs

Orgasm Day

Wicked Aqua Flavoured Lubricant

Orgasm Day

Womanizer 2Go

Orgasm Day

Kama Sutra Getaway Lovers Kit

Orgasm Day

LELO Hula Beads

Orgasm Day

Get busy friends. And may all your orgasms be amazing!

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Dita Von Teese Comes to Canada – and Only at Forever Yours Lingerie

Just like the changing leaves, cool mornings, and that cup of pumpkin spice in your hands, something fresh and new is in the air at Forever Yours Lingerie. In our quest to bring you the most beautiful, accessible and well-fitting lingerie we can find, the team here at FYL are so very excited to announce our newest brand…

The pure magic and enchantment of Dita von Teese has come to Canada! And Forever Yours Lingerie is so honoured to be the exclusive hosts of these amazing and iconic pieces of luxurious lingerie.

Dita Von Teese Madame X

Madame X Collection

As a fashion icon, Dita Von Teese has taken her illustrious burlesque stage show around the world. She embodies femininity and a desire to celebrate the female form. Her unique vintage style has gained its own following across the globe. Christian Louboutin creates all of the shoes for her shows and her costumes never fail to surprise and delight.

I am honoured to have my lingerie debut globally with premium retailers that represent style and sophistication. I’ve taken inspiration from my own vintage collection to create beautiful lingerie that captures the spirit of retro glamour while being accessible and functional for moments of everyday beauty and luxury”. – Dita Von Teese

With her own sense of grace in mind, timeless design, contemporary wear and accessibility, and deluxe details are the guiding principles of all Dita’s collections. Woman have always had curves. Her styles, with velvet straps, embroidered lace and sheer revealing panels, are made to celebrate those curves.

These alluring collections personify modern-day glamour, sex appeal and Dita’s love of everything burlesque.

The Dahlia collection with exquisite floral embroidery and soft velvet straps are the shining example of how small details can elevate a piece from basic to brilliant.

Dita Von Teese Dahlia

Sheer Witchery, with a perfect blend of nude underlay and delicious black floral lace and tulle accents, is everything you want your lingerie to be.

Dita Von Teese Sheer Witchery

In classic black or rich jewel tones, there are underwire and non-underwire bras with matching panties in all styles. There are sexy vintage garter belts and seductive chemises with coordinating robes. Delightedly, there is something for everyone. For the time being, the bras are sized from B to F cups with G and H cups due to arrive in early 2018.

Be the very first to shop this exciting brand, both in-store or online, starting September 15th. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with Dita and her gorgeous style as much as we have!

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How to Shop for A Nursing Bra

So you’ve bought the crib, decorated the nursery, folded all the onesies and are now just waiting for baby to arrive. Or maybe baby is already here! Either way, we want to make sure you’re in a nursing bra that A) fits, B) you’re comfortable in, and C) will last you through your nursing journey. In this post we’re going over the 411 on when and how how to shop for a nursing bra and some frequently asked questions.

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