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Want to be a Runway Model? Open Casting Call!

Christmas is over, the decorations are packed up for another year and we (at least me anyway) can start looking forward to the longer days of Spring! What makes me so excited about spring, other than the flowers blooming, the warm breezes, the shedding of all those winter layers (isn’t that enough?) is the huge Fashion Show that we hosted in May benefiting our charitable initiative, Supportive Start. Last year was our first year hosting it, and boy, what fun we had! From over-the-top costumes to themed runway walks to burlesque – our show had it all! This year, we aim to make it even bigger and better. That’s where you come in…

I had PVR’ed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a couple weeks ago and finally had the chance to sit down and watch it the other night. Now, there is no denying that those VS angels are gorgeous with a capital G, but there was something missing, and for me it was diversity. That is why when we decided to start putting on fashion shows, we really wanted to represent what we do here, which is to provide a fun lingerie shopping experience for all women. We all struggle to feel gorgeous and sexy and confident sometimes, no matter what size we are or what we look like. I can guarantee you that even those VS angels have a bad day once in a while!

The biggest compliment I had last year after our show, was how many women in the audience came up to me and said how much they enjoyed seeing the exuberant confidence displayed by our models and how it made them feel like they could rock that look! We featured models of various shapes and sizes – small breasts, large breasts, with tattoos, without tattoos  – you know the one thing they all had in common? Confidence! Confidence in themselves and the ability to have it shine through to the audience!

This year we are opening up a Casting Call to everyone on January 21st from 6:00PM – 9:00PM at the store (20460 Fraser Hwy, Langley). We are looking for men and women of all sizes and ages who have the confidence to command the stage! (If you can’t walk around your house comfortably in your underwear, this might not be the right ‘out of the box’ challenge for you!)


Some of the most common questions we get asked when casting for our shows are all questions about what you look like. Take a look and get the feel for our opinion:

I’m not a professional model, can I apply? – YES!

I have tattoos, can I apply – YES!

I have scars, can I apply – YES!

I’m only 5’2, can I apply? – YES!

I’m not ripped, I have a ‘regular guy’ body, can I apply – YES!

I have purple/pink/blue hair, can I apply – YES!

I’m over 40, can I apply? – YES!


The answer is YES! Our company is about celebrating you just as you are right now, and we want to put models down our runway that reflect what the real world looks like. We want you with all your differences, your personality and your confidence!

All of our models graciously donated their time and talent for our fundraiser fashion show last year, and if you think you have what it takes to represent Forever Yours Lingerie this May, we would love to see you on the 21st of January!

If walking around in lingerie in front of 400 people is not your thing, we have lots of other positions that need to be filled for our carnival themed show, such as dressers, ticket sellers, cupcake & cotton candy girls/boys, hosting games, ect. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact kristin@foreveryourslingerie.ca


 Sonya Sig

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