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Our Lingerie Fashion Show Stuns, Surprises and Entertains!

“A tantalizing feast for all the senses!” That’s how one guest described our carnival themed lingerie fashion show that was held on May 29th at the Cascades Casino Ballroom in Langley, BC. A tantalizing treat it was! We couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. We’ve been planning this show since the one in 2014 concluded, and dare we say, we think we did a pretty good job.

Now that the costumes, glue and glitter have been put away for another year, it’s time to reflect on what was possibly, the best night in the Valley!

A Night at the Carnival was in our minds almost a year before it even happened. We’ve been dreaming up the dazzling headpieces, flowing skirts and outfit combinations since our last show in May of 2014. 2014 also marked the beginning of this annual fashion show which benefits our chartitable initiative, Supportive Start

Our night began with a bang… oh should we say ‘flash’? A a festive red carpet lead our guests to a photo booth complete with circus props like a top hat, ring of fire and a barbell. Pin-Up Perfection photography was on site providing all of our guests with a snapshot to remember the night with. 

Red Carpet

Kalala Organic Estate Winery was pouring their wine, our Cupcake girl was serving up sweet treats from Frosting Cupcakery and best of all – our Carnival Midway was in full swing! That’s right, this carnival had cheeky lingerie themed games! Some of your favorites were the Pic-a-Pop Balloon girl, Plinko and Bra-Pong board.


As the show neared, guests took their seats and maybe took a peek into their swag bags! The bags were filled with coupons and offers from our sponsors. VIPs were treated with Coquette’s best selling sequin rhinestone tassel pasties! Once the lights dimmed and the show got underway, we were introduced to our Emcee, The Purrrfessor. He kept us laughing and entertained throughout the show. He wasted no time in introducing the live music performance by Jazz street band, Babyface Brass and the first act of the evening, the Kix’ies tap dancers. These girls demonstrated the awesome staying power of our Kix’ies stockings – they didn’t budge an inch throughout their entire high-energy dance!

First act

Once the opening acts were complete, the main event was set to start! Much anticipation led up to this for both us at Forever Yours and all of our guests! We opened the night with a runway walk fit for the Big Top! Professional Model, Jihan Amer opened the show dramatically in a long black cape lined with bold carnival stripes, a glittering carousel headpiece and one of our satin corsets by iCollection Lingerie.  Pin-Up model Dixie Delight followed as a whip-toting Ringmaster shadowed by her feline friend, Sassy May dressed in a cheetah cat suit. Elly Mayday followed their lead in a leopard corset by Shirley of Hollywood. We even had a strongman complete with his own 1000lb barbell. Yes, it wasn’t just a show of women’s lingerie, we were sure to display our boxer briefs by SAXX and MyPakage as well. The energy was infectious – DJ Evilyn 13 kept the crowd into it with an up-tempo electronic sound set.

Big Top

Wasting no time, we then took our guests on a trip around the world. Naturally, we opened the set with a pair of Canadians dressed as lumberjacks! Elly Mayday graced our stage in a Red Lace Sapph Bra, daisy dukes, red suspenders and a gliterring axe. She was flanked by Jon, one of our male models in our best selling Plaid MyPakage Boxers. Gorgeous costumes representing Mexico, France, the USA and India followed – each with their own headpieces or skirts. Once this set was underway, it was jaw-dropping to see our handmade costumes in action. Yes, you read it correctly – handmade! Hours and sometimes days were spent carefully crafting each of the pieces you saw on our runway. The Forever Yours Staff has been busy this past year. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to vacuum up all the glitter that’s anchored itself in our carpets!

Around the World

Leading into the intermission we whetted your appetite and sweet tooth with costumes that paid an homage to the treats we used to enjoy at carnivals as children. Dixie Delight opened in a retro pin-up style diner outfit and her walk partner complimented her in a long apron that revealed his SAXX from the back. They tempted the audience with their trays of faux french fries and vanilla milkshakes. Model, Erin worked the runway and the crowd next in her popcorn skirt that she born to wear! She shimmied and shaked her way up and down the catwalk making her Empreinte bra and panty set the centre of attention. I don’t think we’ll be forgetting that look anytime soon! Check out those curves! More looks complete with cotton candy headpieces, skirts with pretzels printed on them and crocheted ice cream cones followed. There were too many fun outfits in this set!


After we broke for intermission, our guests once again played carnival games to their hearts content and shopped at our on-site Forever Yours Lingerie Pop-Up Shop. Exclusive lingerie items made their debut at the shop and well as crowd pleasers like SAXX boxers and Kix’ies. All were snapped up by happy guests.

Once the lines subsided, it was time to start the show again! This time we were wondered by The Trained Human, Matt Henry – a master juggler extraordinaire. Juggling as many as 5 or 6 glowing orbs (it was hard to count!), we settled in for another feast for our eyes. The fourth walk was themed ‘Fun and Games’. We took your favorite games and put them on our models to showcase some of our favorite lingerie pieces! Ring toss, chess sets and skirts made of tickets showcased pieces by Chantelle, Marlies Dekkers, Panache and more!

fun & Gams

Next up was a mesmerizing performance by Burlesque artist, Voracious V. She captivated our audience with her futuristic interpretation of the classic artform. Her dark, mysterious performance opened the stage perfectly for our next walk, ‘Black Magic’. Things got a little darker as we presented some of our favorite numbers set in classic dark colours from rich purples to black leather .


Black magic

To end the show we wanted to light up the night! The final act was Jessie Rockley, a professional hula hooper. Hula hooping isn’t just a childhood pasttime anymore! The black lights turned on and Jessie worked as many as three glowing hoops spin around her body for at least five minutes!  We kept the black light on as we opened our final walk for the night. We wanted to try something unique and made a statement with lingerie, bras, swimsuits and boxers that all glowed under the special light. Our models had fun with the audience throwing out glow stick necklaces and bracelets, sending them home with yet another nostalgic souvenir.

Black Light

Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped raise funds for our charitable initiative, Supportive Start. Since it’s inception, we’ve been able to provide numerous bras, panties and toiletries to women in need spanning from Abbotsford to the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver. With fit clinics happening almost monthly now, it’s events like our fashion shows that make it possible! 

To end, we want to Thank all of our Volunteers, Models, Sponsors and Staff who made A Night at the Carnival a Success. Without you, this event could not have happened. Click here for ALL the photos.


What did you think about the show? Did it meet your expectations? We hope you’re as excited for next year as we are… it’s our 20th anniversary and we want to host the party of a lifetime!

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