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Panache Sports Bras and Living Your Dreams

Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Rugby, Soccer, Beach Volleyball… Rio 2016 was on a constant feed at our home over the summer and I was a little bit sad to see it come to a close. I was unsure of how I would feel watching the Olympics this summer after much of the controversy surrounding Brazil’s preparation (or lack there of) for this event that would host thousands. But controversy and politics aside, I’m glad that we took time out of our day to watch so many amazing athletes do what they have trained for years to do: compete.

The memories that I will take away from having watched these Olympic games are two fold, but both lead to the same place for me.

Number One: Heck yes WOMEN!!! Canadian female athletes came out in full force for these games and have racked up more Summer Olympic medals than I can ever remember witnessing. This is a true sign of the shift that is being made in the athletics in Canada. The support that athletes need at this level to train to compete at an international level is finally showing up and this is the result. Canadian athletes, both women and men, are taking up space on the podium because their talent and hard work has been honoured at home. But to see so many Canadian women taking their place in the history books is truly inspiring. Which leads me to…

Number Two: My daughter was enthralled with the Olympics. While I find them entertaining and it is fun to watch Canadians compete, my seven year old is completely obsessed with each and every sport featured, regardless of which countries make the finals. With every sport we watched, her little mind raced and she would ask a million and six questions. “Could I run that fast Mommy?”, “Why do they need to wear goggles if they are good swimmers?”, “Can you win a medal for trampoline?!?!”. Her curiosity was infectious and it made me think: “Who are the Olympians of her generation?” Now I am by no means a competitive person, nor would I wish that level of pressure upon my children; but if the passion and the skill is there how can you not explore their interests. For now, ballet and piano are her passions. But if she wanted to pursue athletics in a team sport or other individual discipline, I feel compelled to at least let her try. I owe it to her to support her dreams because who knows where they will take her. I’m all for education first and not overloading tiny bodies with too many activities, but I love her enthusiasm for sports and competition.

So what does this have to do with bras? Well, from the on set of puberty until about 2 years ago, I honestly felt as though I was not “built” to be athletic or to compete in any type of vigorous sports. Being large chested meant I was discouraged from and by running, jumping, bouncing and many of the other movements that go hand in hand with being regularly active. Sure, I would try my hand at elliptical machines or stationary bikes, but even those made the girls bounce. And my heart just wasn’t in it. But I knew that there had to be a solution out there… and there was!!

Panache Sports Bras

Good freaking sports bras!! Who knew? Well, the lovely ladies here at Forever Yours Lingerie did, but I was still in the dark until I made an exasperated visit. Enter the geniuses at Panache Sport.

I no longer have an excuse to not go after the active lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. With my breasts securely supported and locked (comfortably) down, I run, I lift weights, I kick box, I yoga. All the things I had steered away from because of my chest size.

Panache Sports Bras

I desire to be a role model for both of my girls. I want them to know that women can do all the things that are out there for them to do. Being a woman is awesome! Being a woman who is supported by her family, community and country to do her best is amazing! There is no reason that our bodies should hold us back from being able to accomplish any dream our hearts may hold and I’m so glad that proper fitting sports bras are helping me to attain some of mine.

Panache Sports Bras

Panache Sports Bras


I love that Panache is featuring talented and accomplished female athletes in their advertising. For the Panache Sports bra in Odyssey they have chosen Nicola Adams are their model. Nicola Adams is a British boxer. The first woman to win an Olympic boxing title, she is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medalist in the women’s flyweight division. As of 27 May 2016 she is the reigning Olympic, World, Commonwealth Games and European Games champion at flyweight. That is literally badass.

Panache Sports Bras

Don’t let your boobs keep you from achieving your goals!! Get out there and get your sweat on. Heck, I’ll come join you. We got this!

Erin Boxing

Much Love,


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