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We had a roaring good time with Forever Yours Lingerie

June 10, 2016

We’re often asked if talking about fashion and lingerie feels superficial. Are intimates really that important when it comes to all the other stuff that women have to deal with? Ask any of the hundreds of women who benefit from Forever Yours Lingerie’s Supportive Start Initiative and they will tell you about the value they receive from having clean undergarments that fit, especially when job interviews and food on the table are a priority. Never, as individuals, have we had an opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of so many women. We are proud to have the opportunity to raise awareness of this inspiring fundraising program.

This year’s fashion show benefiting Supportive Start was an exceptional evening of entertainment, from which 100% of proceeds were transferred to the charity. Forever Yours Lingerie owner, Sonya Perkins, rallied tremendous support from community, vendors and volunteers to put together a spectacular show and 1920’s themed extravaganza. It’s Been A Roaring 20 Years was not only a celebration of 20 years in business, but also a celebration of the strength and beauty of every woman.


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Stimuli Magazine

It’s Been A Roaring 20 Years: Shop the Show

June 7, 2016

It was a night straight out of the 20’s complete with a Model A Ford, hooch and sultry lingerie. The annual Forever Yours Lingerie fashion show benefiting Supportive Start took place on Friday night and it was, for lack of a better word, EPIC



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‘It’s been a Roaring 20 years’ 

June 4, 2016

Another year has passed, ringing in our 20th year in business. This year we celebrated in style, 1920’s style that is, with our annual fashion show extravaganza and fundraiser for our charitable initiative Supportive Start. A fabulous time was had by all and we loved ‘putting on the Ritz’ for you!

We would like to thank all our attendees, volunteers, sponsors, models and performers for making this evening the bees knees!


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Stimuli Magazine

A Night at the Carnival: Shop the Show

June 1, 2015

For those of you that follow us on social media you may have seen our posts from the Forever Yours Lingerie fashion show on Friday night. Benefiting Supportive Start, the carnival themed show was no less than amazing! The FYL team pull out all the stop to host an evening worthy of New York Fashion Week and now it’s time for you to shop the show.

With dozens of looks for both men and women strolling down the runway, we wanted to go home with one of everything but, we managed to narrow down our choices and bring you our favourites of the night.

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She’s a Valley Mom

Forever Yours Lingerie Brings Sexy Back to the Fraser Valley

June 1, 2015

Men and women of all ages filled the convention centre for Forever Yours Lingerie’s second annual lingerie fashion show — an event benefiting their Supportive Start campaign.

Alongside the ‘cheeky’ fashion show, the carnival-themed evening featured a live band, burlesque dancers, circus acts, dessert buffet and adult carnival games.

Forever Yours Lingerie Owners Sonya and Brian Perkins, their team of staff and over 100 volunteers poured their hearts and souls into the show, which was a year in the making — quite literally.
“We met up as soon as our last show was done and started thinking about the next theme,” she said. “I thought we put on an amazing show last year, but our goal was to top it… to make it more interactive and fun…more of a city type of event. Those really are lacking in Langley, but I think we did it. Now the problem is how to top it the next year? It’s our 20th anniversary, so it’s going to be a big one. Of course, I already have a theme in my head but it’s a secret!”

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Blogged: Ladies & Gentlemen, Step Right Up!

May 31, 2015

It was with a bit of excitement and anticipation that I headed to A Night at the Carnival, hosted by Forever Yours Lingerie at the Cascades Casino. I felt a lot like a kid heading to the PNE for the first time. I really didn’t know what to expect, would there be games and cotton candy? How could I not be excited, I mean, who doesn’t love a carnival?

A sexy, grown-up carnival. With wine. Now we’re talking. The event was a spectacular affair that lived up to every promise; emceed by suave ringmaster, The Purrrrfessor, and featured hula hoop artists, burlesque dancing and tap dancers that proved Kix’ies are a girls best friend.

The carnival themed fashion show featured not only professional models, but some of us regular-sized girls too, which is definitely a confidence booster to see them strut their stuff down the runway. The games on the “fairway” such as Bra Pong and a lingerie version of Plinko were huge hits, and of course no carnival would be complete without a kissing booth.

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Vancity Buzz

Lingerie Fashion Show Aims to Raise Money for Bras

May 28, 2015

For most women it’s a basic essential: a bra that fits. For women in need, it’s considered a luxury. Supportive Start launched in 2014 after recognizing the necessity for undergarment donations for women. Forever Yours Lingerie founder Sonya Perkins launched Supportive Start in a bid to help local women in the Lower Mainland by providing access to properly-fit undergarments at no cost.

Through her company, Perkins identified the lack of bra-recycling programs and access to quality, clean, underwear for women in need. She also realized that for women with a limited income who rely on local agencies or donations, the need for women’s undergarments is often overlooked. Supportive Start aims to fill an important gap and provide a service that all women should experience.

Perkins hopes that Supportive Start’s upcoming lingerie fashion show, A Night at the Carnival, will raise funds and promote this charitable initiative. On May 29, volunteer models will come together to showcase a lingerie fashion show in order to raise awareness for the cause. Alongside the show will be a live band, circus act, burlesque and dessert buffet.

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The Langley Advance

Big City Night Brings Fun to Langley

May 29, 2015

Doesn’t everyone wear their best underwear when going on an exciting night out? Here’s a way to do just that while helping to get those same essentials into the hands (and onto the bodies) that need them. Sonya Perkins, owner of downtown Langley’s Forever Yours Lingerie, is hosting A Night at the Carnival on Friday May 29 at Coast Hotel and Convention Centre in the ballroom and conference hall area. More than just an event with fancy posters and an eye-catching name, this is Perkins’ way of bringing a little bit of the big-city here to Langley.

The ballroom and conference hall will be transformed into a giant indoor, adult (19-plus) carnival with circus acts, carnival games, a burlesque show and a lingerie fashion show based on the carnival theme. “In Langley we don’t have a lot of downtown city-type events so we’re bringing a fun city thing here,” said Perkins. “It’s a really fun night out, it’s not just a sit down and watch a fashion show event.”

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CBC News

Bra Donation Charity Seeking a Boost in Langley, BC

May 29, 2015

A lingerie fashion show in Langley, B.C. this Friday will be raising money for Supportive Start, a charitable initiative providing new and gently used bras, new undergarments, and toiletries to women living in poverty. Founder Sonya Perkins collects bra donations at her Forever Yours Lingerie store in Langley, and redistributes them by hosting bra fit clinics in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

There are a lot of women in our community who don’t have access to bras and panties, things that are expensive for everybody. If you’re in a lower income bracket, it’s very difficult to access, and these are not items people typically donate,” she said. Perkins says many organizations in the Lower Mainland hand out clothes for people in need, but few provide the items that go underneath the clothes. Friday’s fashion show, called “A Night at the Carnival”, is the second annual fundraiser for Supportive Start. Perkins hopes her initiative will help boost the confidence of Downtown Eastside women.

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Lingerie Fashion Show Gives Women a Supportive Start

Thursday May 21, 2015

The goal of a circus-themed lingerie show next week is to give women the gift of properly-fitted bras, and a Surrey store owner is the ringmaster of the event. Sonya Perkins is a Fraser Heights-area resident who operates the Forever Yours Lingerie store in Langley. She and her staff are busy planning “A Night at the Circus,” their second-annual lingerie fashion show at Cascades Casino in Langley on Friday, May 29. Event proceeds will go to Supportive Start, a charitable initiative launched by Perkins to help women who face barriers in accessing properly-fitted bras, along with other clothing and hygiene products.

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Stimuli Magazine

A Night at the Carnival to Benefit Supportive Start

Thursday May 21, 2015

A cultural necessity for women in North America — the bra is often an over looked item for women in need. In the business of bras for more than 19 years, Forever Yours Lingerie owner, Sonya Perkins came to recognize a gap in the need for undergarment donations for women and launched her charitable initiative, Supportive Start by Forever Yours Lingerie in April 2014. Developed to help women who face barriers in accessing properly fitting bras, Supportive Start facilitates the donation of quality bras, panties, and toiletries to women from across the lower mainland.

On Friday, May 29, Forever Yours Lingerie is hosting their second annual lingerie fashion show event, ‘A Night at the Carnival‘ benefiting Supportive Start. Funds raised from the event will support the purchase of items like new panties and toiletries for upcoming fit clinics.

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The Business of Bras: How a local business is giving back to women in need

Press Release

Tuesday May 12, 2015

A cultural necessity for women in North America — the bra is often an over looked item for women in need. In the business of bras for more than 19 years, Forever Yours Lingerie owner, Sonya Perkins came to recognize a gap in the need for undergarment donations for women and launched her charitable initiative, Supportive Start by Forever Yours Lingerie in April 2014. Developed to help women who face barriers in accessing properly fit bras, Supportive Start facilitates the donation of quality bras, panties, and toiletries to women from across the lower mainland.

“We have been fortunate to partner with some incredible organizations within the past year; delivering bra fit clinics and bra donations to women from Vancouver to Fort St. John,” says Perkins. “Each bra fit clinic we have hosted introduced us to amazing women who do not have access — for whatever reason — to properly fitting bras and panties.” The Supportive Start team have provided more than 300 bras through organizations including Raincity Housing and Glory House.

Most recently, the Forever Yours Lingerie team provided a Supportive Start bra fit clinic to the residents of the Rainier Hotel. “The joy that the ladies from Supportive Start brought to the women was both tangible and contagious,” says Maija McLean, case manager for the Rainier Hotel. “Well-fitting undergarments are one of those things that are often over-looked and seen as non-essential; these things are very important and Supportive Start is filling an important gap in service to these women.”

How it works: Through Supportive Start, Forever Yours Lingerie collects donations of new and gently used bras of all sizes, and provides them to women-in-need through free fit clinics. In addition to bra donations, the Supportive Start
initiative also provides new panties and toiletries. 

“We do not want any woman who attends a fit clinic to go without a bra that is fit to them. We work with our supporters and donors to ensure we find a bra that fits — regardless of size,” notes Perkins. Supporters like Chantelle whose B.C.-based sales representative Tanya Beaucage have donated bras and underwear, but also expertise as a fit specialist to help out at a recent fit clinic, “The women we met were very appreciative and shared some personal stories with us — it was great to see something we take for granted in our day like putting on a bra, being so appreciated.”

On Friday, May 29, Forever Yours Lingerie is hosting their second annual lingerie fashion show event, ‘A Night at the Carnival’ benefiting Supportive Start. Funds raised from the event will support the purchase of items like new panties
and toiletries for upcoming fit clinics.

Tickets are available now through May 29th at ForeverYoursLingerie.ca


Blogged: Review of our Christmas Sizzle Fashion Show

Tuesday November 23, 2014

I had the opportunity to attend a lingerie fashion show last week at the store that was featured in my first post on this blog: Forever Yours.  The show was for charity, so it was practically impossible to not go, plus there was a sale afterwards at the store, and I was needing some new bras so: hooray!  I took my friend Jen and we had a great time!  Here are some pics of the show, which was really well-done.  If they ever have another one, I’ll definitely go, and so should you! Read more at What Would Audrey Wear

Langley Advance

Langley Model Wants to Give Back to Cancer Patients

Sept 25, 2014

Last year, in the prime of her life and modeling career, 25-year-old Langley resident Elly Mayday was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer. The diagnosis sent her into a whirlwind of surgeries and very harsh rounds of chemotherapy, as she fought for her life.

In those difficult times, she remembers getting a chemo comfort bag from friends, full of thoughtful items like a hand-knitted toque for her bald head, hard candies to alleviate ‘metal mouth’ and written words of encouragement.

“I had some great friends who gave me one and I loved it so much I wanted to pay it forward,” said Mayday.

Langley’s Forever Yours Lingerie and Mayday have teamed up during Ovarian Cancer awareness month (September) to create chemo comfort bags for those undergoing chemotherapy.

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Langley Advance

Supportive Start Looking for Donations

May 15, 2014

Do your drawers runneth over with unworn bras?

Forever Yours Lingerie wants your bra donations to help them kick off their new charitable initiative, Supportive Start.

Developed to help fill a need for women who face barriers in accessing properly fit bras, Supportive Start by Forever Yours Lingerie facilitates the donation of quality bras, panties, and toiletries to women in need across the Lower Mainland, through no-charge bra fit clinics. Over the years, Forever Yours Lingerie owner Sonya Perkins noticed the need for undergarment donations for women.

“We receive requests through the store from local agencies expressing a need for clean, like-new bras,” says Perkins.

“Through our Supportive Start initiative, we will be better able to direct resources to those that need it.”

With donation of new or gently used bras, the team at Forever Yours Lingerie will host bra fit-clinics in partnership with various charitable partners from across the Lower Mainland.

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Huffington Post Style

Top 10 Online Lingerie Stores to Shop in Canada

Top 10 Lingerie Stores in CanadaTuesday February 25, 2014

Shopping for lingerie doesn’t just happen around Valentine’s Day, nope, ladies want to wear sexy underwear all year round. Now, we’re aware that it can be a bit overwhelming to head to a store to try on silk sheer panties, garter belts, lace-up bustiers and corsets… That’s why we scoured the Internet for the top 10 lingerie stores to shop online in Canada which will save you the trouble of having to ask the salesperson, “um, where exactly does this go?”.

Forever Yours Lingerie specializes in personalized bra fittings from cup sizes B to K. They stock the best products for women of all sizes whether petite or curvy and guarantee to make you look good when you’re half-naked.    Read it all at Huffington Post Style


CTV News

Bald and beautiful: B.C. model with cancer hopes to inspire

Go to CTV NewsThursday January 16, 2014

A local model with a rare form of cancer is sharing her story in hopes of changing the way the fashion industry thinks about beauty.  Elly Mayday is only 25 years old, but has already endured months of chemotherapy and a hysterectomy to battle a type of ovarian cancer usually only seen in post-menopausal women… 

But instead of doing what many might – hanging up her hat and retiring from the world of fashion and beauty – Mayday has kept on modelling, proudly showing off her surgery scars and bald head in a sports bra campaign with Forever Yours Lingerie in Langley.

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ABC News

Plus Model Elly Mayday Continues to Pose Despite Bald Head, Scars

Go to ABC NewsTuesday January 21, 2014

After a hysterectomy at the age of 25 and months of grueling chemotherapy, plus-sized pin-up model Elly Mayday is changing the way ordinary women view themselves… For the last year, she has been the star model for a Vancouver company, Forever Yours Lingerie, which sells lacy undergarments — from a B cup to K cup — for women of all sizes.

Elly is awesome and fun and bubbly and light-hearted and doesn’t take anything super seriously,” Sonya Perkins, co-founder of Forever Yours Lingerie, told ABCNews.com. “And she is an incredibly hard worker.”  

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The Ethical Adman

Now, THIS is a Bold Lingerie Ad

The Ethical Adman: workthatmattters.blogspot.caFriday January 24, 2014

Elly Mayday is a Canadian model who, at the age of 25, is living with a rare form of ovarian cancer. A year ago, she was the star model for Forever Yours Lingerie of Vancouver. However, since her diagnosis last summer, her treatment has changed her appearance considerably and now she is… still the star model for Forever Yours Lingerie of Vancouver.

Sonya Perkins, co-founder of Forever Yours Lingerie, first hired Ms. Mayday for a Valentine’s Day shoot in 2013. “At the time, she was a size 14 and had a nice bust and a small waist and big, full hips and behind,” she said. “We wanted to represent that look.” While Ms. Perkins was initially uneasy with Ms. Mayday’s determination to keep working in front of the camera, she stood by her model.  

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People Magazine

Elly Mayday Continues Her Work as a Plus-Size Model Post-Chemo

Go to People MagazineTuesday January 23, 2014

Elly Mayday has decided to bare her soul and her scars to help other women, especially those with cancer, to accept their bodies and themselves…

Although she has lost her hair from chemotherapy and has multiple scars from surgery, Mayday is still modeling, and stands proud just as she is in a campaign for Forever Yours Lingerie in which she is not wearing a wig or covered up by airbrushing.  

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Lingerie Talk

Elly Mayday: This Lingerie Model Had a lot of People in her Corner

Elly Mayday Poses for Forever Yours LingerieWednesday January 22, 2014

There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘real’ fashion models, but it’s hard to get more real than this… Elly is a plus-size model best known for her work with the B.C. retailer Forever Yours Lingerie, and attracted attention by proudly posting her body measurements on her FB page and personal website…

Forever Yours Lingerie is standing behind Elly during her recovery, and it’s a cinch she will have work offers waiting when she’s back on her feet. Expect her to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

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Huffington Post

Plus-Size Canadian Model Elly Mayday Is Fighting Cancer And Posing For Lingerie Ads

Huffington PostWednesday January 22, 2014

When we think of lingerie models, are minds inevitably turn to Victoria’s Secret catwalk stunners like Adriana Lima and Selita Ebanks. What we don’t think of? Cancer. But a Vancouver-bred woman is hoping to change our minds about the real meaning of beauty…

Rather than stay at home and feel sorry for herself, the young woman has been modelling for Forever Yours Lingerie, a retailer in Langley, B.C. Showing off her surgery scars and bald head in the sports bra campaign, the gorgeous model looks sexy and confident.

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