Shopping for Her

Need some help choosing something special for the special lady in your life but don’t even know where to begin? This guide was created by our lingerie experts to set you in the right direction!




What kind of lingerie does she typically wear? Does she feel sexiest in a bra and panties? Maybe she prefers those flirty babydoll style dresses. Once you’ve narrowed that down, ask yourself what you like her best in. Chances are you’ll both love something she can feel confident in. Be adventurous – but remember, it’s really all about her in the end.




Chances are if you’ve stumbled on this page, the world of lingerie is like a foreign language to you. Take a look through this visual guide and click on any of the categories to browse our full selection!


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The golden rule of buying lingerie is to not buy something that she won’t feel comfortable in. Besides, if she’s confident wearing what you get her, chances are she’ll wear it more often! Is she self conscious about her tummy? Buy her a babydoll that flows away from the area. Does she love her curvy hips? A pair of sexy panties is a great way to accentuate her best feature! Want to see gravity defying cleavage? Try a corset! It will cinch her waist and boost her breasts! Lastly, always tell her she’s beautiful. A simple compliment goes a long way with lingerie!



Lingerie sizing can cause a flashback to high school algebra if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. It makes sense though – it’s complete physics that keeps her breasts from defying gravity! We’ll make it easy here and save you the calculations.

Your best bet is to sneak a peek into her lingerie drawer and note down a number AND a letter that’s on the tag of her most coveted bra. Typically it’s an even number ranging from 28-50 and a letter from A – N. If the gift you choose is sized using a traditional “small, medium, large” style scale, take a look at her favorite t-shirt or dress to get the right size – either a numerical dress size or a lettered size will do.

This chart will help you with some conversions:





Still no clue? Email us at customercare@foreveryourslingerie.ca or call 1-855-432-1933. Don’t be shy – we do this everyday. Lingerie should be fun, not embarrassing!








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Lastly – it’s always okay to return. If it doesn’t fit or it’s not her style, she is always more than welcome to exchange her gift for something she’ll truly love. We’ll send you a gift receipt with your purchase. See our Return Policy for comprehensive details.