Supportive Start Charity Page

Supportive Start FAQ

Q: Why has Forever Yours Lingerie created this charitable initiative?

A: Supportive Start was developed in 2013 by Forever Yours Lingerie to fill a need for women who face barriers in accessing properly fitted bras, new panties, feminine hygiene and other essential toiletries. The Supportive Start program facilitates bra clinics in partnership with charitable organizations from across the lower mainland. Every day we see the difference a properly fitted bra can make in a woman's life, from her comfort level to the way she feels about herself and we are so happy to be able to support our community in the way we know best... Bras!

Q: What kinds of facilities does Supportive Start go to?

A: Whoever needs us! We have done fit clinics at addiction recovery houses (all stages), transition facilities and shelters. We are open to bringing our program to whoever needs us.

Q: Do you just drop off a box of bra donations at these facilities?

A: No, the whole purpose of Supportive Start was to ensure that women who cannot, for whatever reason, access proper undergarments the opportunity to be properly fitted to ensure that they are comfortable in the bras they have received. We will send out bras to shelters or facilities that are out of town within the province of BC.

Q: What happens at a fit clinic?

A: We have a team of our bra fit specialists (all of them are our current or past staff/sales reps with extensive bra fitting experience) that will come to your facility with our pink suitcases in tow, filled to the brim with new & gently used bras of various sizes ranging from A - J, new panties and toiletries. Each participant is helped one on one by one of our fitters to find 2 bras and 2 pairs of panties that work for her. We bring all of our own racks, and supplies. All we ask is that you provide us with a room to work in:)

Q: Does our facility need to provide the Supportive Start team with anything?

A: Yes, once a fit clinic has been booked at your facility, we request that the week before your clinic date, you provide us with a list of how many women will be attending the fit clinic so we can appropriately staff the event. We also request that you provide us with the approx ages of your participants, so that we can choose appropriate stock to bring. (a 60 year old woman will have different support needs from a 24 year old woman, and we want to make sure that we bring stock that will work for your clientele)

Q: Does it cost our facility or the participants anything?

A: No, our Supportive Start bra fit clinics are 100% free to the facility and program participants.

Q: If this program is free, how do you fund it?

A: Our staff volunteer their personal time to come and fit at fit clinics, our suppliers are very supportive of our program by donating samples & overstock, and our customers also generously donate gently used bras. We also host ridiculously fun events and fashion shows throughout the year to help with funding.

Q: Do you accept individual applications?

A: Unfortunately at this time we can only accommodate fit clinics that are hosted by an organization.

Q: What kind of donations is Supportive Start looking for?

A: We are looking for donations of new or GENTLY used bras, NEW underwear, unopened packages of feminine Hygiene products and sealed/unopened toiletries.

Q: Do I have to have purchased the bras from Forever Yours Lingerie for you to accept my donation?

A: Absolutely not, we will accept any brand or size. We are ALWAYS in need of smaller bra sizes 30 - 34 A & B's (Many program participants struggle with nutrition, so they tend to be smaller)

Q: How do I know if my bras are ok to donate?

A: Would you feel good about giving that bra to your friend? Yes? Then we'll take it! No? Then please keep it, or discard it. If you would not give it to a friend, please do not donate it to us. We will only use bras that we feel good about giving away. We treat all program participants with dignity and kindness, and part of that means providing them with quality clean bras that we feel good about fitting them in. To learn more about what is an acceptable donation, please click here.

Q: Do my donated bras need to be freshly laundered?

A: Yes please! Give them a quick hand wash and drip dry before you bring them in...we'll love you forever if you do!

Q: Where can I drop off my donations? A: You can drop off your donations at Forever Yours Lingerie at our store in downtown Langley. If you are not able to come to the store, you can always ship them to us! Our mailing address is:

Forever Yours Lingerie
Attn: Supportive Start
20460 Fraser Hwy
Langley, BC
V3A 4G2

Q: I don't have any bras to donate...May I make a monetary donation?

A: Absolutely! You may make a donation here. Please be aware, as we are a charitable initiative and not a registered charity, we are not able to issue tax reciepts.

Q: Does Forever Yours profit from monetary donations?

A: No. Donations made go directly to Supportive Start and the work that the program does.

Q: What happens if you get more bras that you need?

A: On average, we host 2 - 4 fit clinics a month, so that's a lot of bras that we give out, and we are constantly needing to replenish our stock.

Q: I have a strapless bra I wore once to a party, do you need strapless?

A: Absolutely! We work with The Cinderella Project, providing bra fittings for underprivileged girls during grad season. We are especially in need of smaller sizes, 28 - 32 A & B

Q: Do you accept anything else other than Bras?

A: YES! We are always in need of NEW panties (due to hygiene reasons, we will only accept NEW panties) We also provide the program participants bags filled with necessities and so are also in need of the following items (please make sure these items are in unopened/unused packaging) -Feminine Hygiene items (pads & tampons) -Hotel sized soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream -Full size soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream -Make-up samples/nail polish -Hair accessories -Toothpaste & toothbrushes

Q: Can my organization still apply for the Supportive Start program if we are not located near you?

A: Depends on where you are. We will do fit clinics just about anywhere in the lower mainland!

Q: I have more questions, who can I talk to?

A: Kristin Wells is our Supportive Start coordinator. She can be reached at 604-532-1933 or

Q: We have participants who identify as women. Is Supportive Start inclusive of transgender women?

A: Absolutely, we treat all of our clients with respect, dignity and kindness regardless of what gender they identify as. We do have transgender customers at our store, so our staff are comfortable and competent in dealing with the varying needs of transgender individuals.

Q: What facilities have you done fit clinics at?

A: We have done fit clinics at various types of facilities from Mission to East Vancouver. Some of them include:

Maxine Wright Health Centre -

First United -

Solace Society -

Kettle On Burrard -

The Rainier Hotel -

Rain City Housing -

Peardonville House -

Westminster House -